For my very first She’s Travel Goals piece I knew I had to share the wonder that is Lee Litumbe aka the creative force behind Spirited Pursuit.

“Spirited Pursuit is a creative digital platform that produces and publishes captivating travel content. Created from founder Lee Litumbe’s passion for travel, photography, and storytelling, Spirited Pursuit strives to inform and inspire a global community of adventurers.”

I absolutely resonate with Lee’s Instagram aesthetic and her approach to her content and creative is deep but effortless. Each gram she posts inspires me to want to hop on a plane and navigate unchartered territories. Proudly African (she is Cameroonian by birth) but growing up in America, Lee has been featured in countless online journals talking about her content hub that is the Sprite Pursuit.

So why is she my Gram Guide?

Hit that follow button and scroll through her feed for an education. It’s more than just a “perfect Insta shot” – all her creative pieces including her blog, inspire you, educate you and leave you yearning for more.

I’m currently obsessing over her recent Africa trip as can be read here.